FAQ Femora Compress

f you have any questions, you may find the answer you are looking for in our frequently asked questions. You can talk to our support team by emailing contact@femora.pro or using the contact form.

In a default WordPress installation you can optimize 5000 images for free every month (each thumbnail counts as one unit). WordPress creates different thumbnails of your images that must be compressed. Some plugins even add more sizes

Just sign up for one of our payment plans at https://www.femora.pro/plans/ to remove the limit.

When you remove the plugin all your optimized images will remain optimized.

A free account is for one domain, with the premium account you can include more domains. It depends on the plan chosen: https://www.femora.pro/planes/

Everything will continue to work but no more images will be optimized until next month. Of course, we encourage everyone to upgrade to a paid account to cover the hosting and development costs of the service (https://www.femora.pro/planes/).

Yes, as long as you don’t reach the monthly limit. After installing the plugin, go to Femora Compress, and click on the Search Images button to find the images and then optimize to optimize all the unoptimized images in your media library.

You can upgrade to a paid account by adding your payment details in your account control panel (https://www.femora.pro/planes/). Premium accounts have no image compression limits.

Up to 5,000 free images are optimized per month, please note that when you activate the WebP format 1 image is optimized 2 times and you consume twice as much. This happens because the original format is optimized and a new WebP optimized image is created.

Safari and older browsers do not currently support the WebP format so if you activate it you need to have the old format optimized as well to display it in places where it is not supported.

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